“Did You Know That Software Companies Have Been Lying To You For Years, Selling Registry Cleaners To Speed Up Your PC! When In Fact… They Do NOT Increase Speed!

It's true… Try finding software that claims to speed up your PC that is NOT based on registry cleaning or repair!

The reality is… cleaning the registry on your PC will have NO effect on it's speed or performance. And the vast majority of software out there deceptively attempts to sell you on that basis – Most of it IS useless (trust me, I've tried/tested many)!

3 Common Myths Swarming The Net (have YOU been stung yet?):

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Myth #1: (by software companies)

A Single Product Can Totally Optimize My PC?

ANSWER: False (you've been deceived)

Myth #2: (by software companies)

Cleaning The Registry Fixes All My PC Problems?

ANSWER: False (more lies and deception)

Myth #3: (by software companies)

I Have To Buy Software To Get The Best Results?

ANSWER: False (more BS & hype – Get it free)

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“Actually, I heard from a PC insider that it took a 10 million dollar plus ad campaign to “dupe the public" into believing that somehow cleaning their registry will magically fix any slow-performing computer."

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