“Did You Know That Software Companies Have Been Lying To You For Years, Selling Registry Cleaners To Speed Up Your PC! When In Fact… They Do NOT Increase Speed!

It’s true… Try finding software that claims to speed up your PC that is NOT based on registry cleaning or repair!

The reality is… cleaning the registry on your PC will have NO effect on it’s speed or performance. And the vast majority of software out there deceptively attempts to sell you on that basis – Most of it IS useless (trust me, I’ve tried/tested many)!

3 Common Myths Swarming The Net (have YOU been stung yet?):

Click on Myth #2 & #3 below to see them!

Myth #1: (by software companies)

A Single Product Can Totally Optimize My PC?

ANSWER: False (you’ve been deceived)

Myth #2: (by software companies)

Cleaning The Registry Fixes All My PC Problems?

ANSWER: False (more lies and deception)

Myth #3: (by software companies)

I Have To Buy Software To Get The Best Results?

ANSWER: False (more BS & hype – Get it free)

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– This from an online associate (shhhh);

“Actually, I heard from a PC insider that it took a 10 million dollar plus ad campaign to “dupe the public" into believing that somehow cleaning their registry will magically fix any slow-performing computer."


Stewart J Robinson (+wife) Creator/Owner of Ultimate PC Tune-Up

Hello and welcome, it’s Stewart here saying thanks for visiting! (it could be your lucky day)

Also… I’d like to reassure you, that you ARE in the right place, if putting all your PC worries and problems behind you is your goal (and/or PREVENTING many of them from ever happening in the first place)… This is the Ultimate PC Tune-Up!

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Here’s What Some Ultimate PC Tune Up Members Are Saying…

You have saved me a fortune…

Hi Stewart, I have not been able to go through all of the tools which you have provided because i am not the quickest on the pc, but i was going to buy speed up my pc from Uniblue, and you have saved me a fortune on just that one (Uniblue PowerSuite sells for around […]

Dennis Webber

Nice collection of tips and PC utilities.

I recovered over 30gig of disk space.

Tony O. - UK

brilliant, like a new computer

…after tips and completing your No1 performance boost, thanks.

very easy to work with.

Kenneth C. - USA

Hi Stewart, I just wanted to tell you that I`m sure glad…

that I came across this. Wish I would have come across it sooner. I didn`t know half of what I`ve learned already and man does it ever work. I’ve sped up my system and a couple of others. I`m just so happy for this. I do regret all the money that I`ve wasted on registry […]

Carl T.


59 - 18.jpg

Even with the challenges of Windows 10 this has not slowed down Stewart for one second. I truly admire this person 100% as he knows what he’s doing and he has performed miracles on my PC that even Microsoft couldn’t figure out. He is ethical, quick to understand what your problem(s) are and for me, […]

Corinne Larimore

Best product ive ever bought for my P/C,

fast like new, money well spent.

Sonia L. - UK

Thank you Stewart!

My PC is working great!!!

Kathy Sterling​

I Would Still Be Having PC Problems…


If it wasn’t for the Ultimate PC Tune-Up and the easy to follow steps. The large amount of tools and resources covers all of my PC needs and they really do make a BIG difference. I especially like the pc speed tweaks, these really boosted my system into top gear, and are very easy to […]

Ed Poole
(from UK)

great, does what it says,

expert advise

Brian B. - UK

I just feel it’s time to say thank you…


to Stewart for everything he’s shared with his members. As it’s impossible to find everything he has to offer for such a low fee. You could search all over the internet and never find even half of the tips he gives you as a member, plus he’s saved me a ton of money as I […]

Corinne Larimore

If I can do it, anyone can do it…


Stewart’s Ultimate PC Tune-Up formula makes it simple for even the newest of newbies to get their computer performing better. It was much easier than I thought it would be. His instructions are clear and easy to understand, and he delivers the information in a way that even I could understand. I truly believe that […]

Roger Mullucks
(Norfolk, UK)

this helped me a great deal

now i can sort things out myself, many thanks.




Kudos To Stewart

I know I write too many testimonials but I wish everyone on the Internet knew about UltimatePCTuneUp.com. There isn’t one thing you cannot find here even if you search Google for hours. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have Stewart’s site to depend on when I’m having a problem. Plus he’s on […]

Corinne Larimore

some very good hints,

well explained for the novice. thanks.

Mike Y. - UK

very good service,

would use again and again… thank you.

T.M. - Leeds, UK

Did the job

and has helped speed up my PC.

Colin C. - UK

Very good advise

my computer is running quicker!!

Jody - UK

Some Of The Best Tools I Have Ever Seen For A Computer.

Worth Every Penny. A+++


Very good product,

Excellent person to deal with, would use again, many thanks

Just Started and Learned Something

Now I know I need to get people to see this site. I JUST started and learned something new. Maybe that’s no big deal to most people but to view your very first video and learn something like that, to me, speaks volumes for Stewart, as I can assure you I would have never learned […]

Corinne Larimore
Time Freedom Mastermind Alliance

Wonderful experience!

Near immediate response.

It was extremly helpful when…


I activated some of the tools listed in the Ultimate PC Tune-Up, to make our computer run smoothly. The step-by-step instructions are great. Now we have our own personal knowledgable computer expert

Mark Landy
(Norwich, UK)

spot on, lots of good info,

thank you.

Henry W. - UK