Do Registry Cleaners Work?

Do Registry Cleaners Work or Are We Being Scammed? … That was the big question I was looking for answers to.

…and Could I Be Wasting My Time And My Money While trying To Figure Out How And If I need To Clean My registry?

do registry cleaners work or not?

I was looking for real answers and proof so I could know once and for all, do registry cleaners work or NOT, or are they even needed? So I know if I need to do this… for good PC maintenance and/or performance.

If you want to find out the revealing truth, keep reading (what comes next is a little shocking to say the least)…

RegCure" Scam – What follows are some comments from one of my associates websites, revealing some real results from real people about do registry cleaners work (or not):

<--- Begin RegCure and most other similar programs are scams. They may even install malicious software. An easy way to confirm is by Googling for “RegCure scam” and “RegCure spyware” and other similar terms. You’ll find discussions online as people try to sort out the headache Regcure causes and experts analyze Regcure.

{5 comments below… related to Regcure experiences}


i switched to regcure which didn’t do shit 4 me either.


Regcure is a con. It puts up numbers of supposed problems randomly offers to fix them but run it again and it will find another number of problems. i have run it a 100 times and it still finds the same or similar problems. It doesnt really do anything. –dont buy it!!


Agreed, Regcure is a scam. There are endless phony websites and articles recommending it, obviously to pump it’s google search ranking, but legit websites don’t offer it for download, and have a lot of complaints about it being both useless, and the company not responding to their complaints or requests for refunds. I have a customers PC in for repair with this on it – no matter how many times it runs, it finds hundreds of errors – it’s a random number generator dressed up as a registry cleaner.

Even a legit registry cleaner is going to do no more than shave a second or two off of startup times, and possibly get rid of Windows error messages relating to missing dll’s and program files. They are not Viagra performance enhancer’s for your PC.

Anita Adams

I cannot uninstall this programme can anyone help?


YES. REGCURE IS A SCAM!!! It will do a B.S scan and give wrong info. Dont use this stupid software.

<--- End. OK, So Let’s Get To The Bottom of all the Hype…

Do Registry Cleaners Really Work, or NOT?

The Windows registry is a very large database containing almost every setting imaginable for almost every application within your system. So to suggest that simply cleaning the registry will improve performance and make your PC run like new, sounds fantastic right?

Do Registry Cleaners Work – How To Clean My Registry

Well… I’ve got news for you. I’ve discovered that this is just a widely used marketing gimmick designed to sell registry cleaner software programs (yes, an opportunity to fill a demand, but not actually delivering the goods or even showing me how to clean my registry the most effective way). So do registry cleaners actually work… or are you being scammed, read on to find out…

Everyone and their uncle seems to be jumping on the windows registry repair utility “Band Wagon". In actual fact a registry cleaner will only remove a very small amount of unused registry keys (200-800 for example), which will not help your system performance when you discover that hundreds of thousands of keys are listed in your registry – Removing a few hundred will NOT make any real difference in speed or performance. So do registry cleaners work as far as speeding up your system… you tell me?

I’m not saying they are totally useless, but what I am saying is that they are very much hyped-up, and promise to solve ALL of your PC problems in one hit (which is absolutely NOT the case).

However, I did find out how to clean my registry effectively and do recommend doing this on all PC’s, as registry problems can arise and are sometimes caused by un-installing software programs that leave registry entries in your system. Even then you should be very careful to use a proven and tested program like the ones I recommend and make available here (recommended ONLY after testing and getting positive results), before deleting any registry keys.

Bottom line is… many people are promoting and selling Registry repairing programs for cleaning the registry, as an “Affiliate" to earn a commission on each sale. Do you think they have actually used the products that they are trying to sell? If I was a betting man, I would say NOT.

Many will post articles on various websites to attract traffic from unsuspecting victims (like you and me). Do a Google search for “speed up my pc" or something similar and you’ll see millions of results (Uniblue registry cleaner comes up and costs up to $60, don’t waste your money on one program like this). Many of these sites are attempting to sell you on your own desperation of wanting a push-button quick fix.

The answer to the question “do registry cleaners work?" at speeding up your PC, is looking like a big NO.

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Do Registry Cleaners Work – How To Clean My Registry

WARNING: Do Not buy these products, they will NOT solve all your PC problems as they promise!

Do registry cleaners work or NOT? I’ll show you how to clean your registry, how to free up space and resources for greater overall PC performance and stability. Discover my Top 3 windows registry repair utilities & Hard-disk cleaners plus many other free tools to help with faster start-up and shut down time, quicker overall response to prevent hanging, freezing and crashing forever (they are ALL 100% free to use, forever).

I’ll also reveal a bullet proof quadruple protection method to remove & prevent pop ups, viruses, adware, spyware & malware (4 of the best programs working together for maximum online security), everyone should be doing this.

Reference Are registry cleaners necessary

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