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Answers To Common Questions?

If your question is not answered here, use the Contact link in the top-menu to Skype or Email it to me now, for a fast reply.


Q: I’m having LOGIN issues, what can I do?

If you’re having problems logging in via the pop-up login window (after clicking the LOGIN button in the top-menu), you can try logging in from this page. If you still don’t have success try resetting your password. If the system says your email is not registered then you may need to register as a new member.

If you think you’ve already registered for a membership, then simply enter what you think is your Username in the registration form and it will auto-check to see if that Username is taken or available. If it’s not taken, then complete your registration and you’ll be logged in automatically. If you Username IS already taken, and you tried resetting your password with no success, then Skype or email me and I’ll get you fixed up right away.

Q: What is the Ultimate PC Tune-Up (or UPCTU)?

UPCTU is an effective way for anyone to fix and tune up ANY Windows based PC, put together by Stewart J Robinson. Stewart is going to show you exactly how to maximize performance for all of your PC’s and keep it that way permanently, without ever having to waste money on useless software.

Q: How does it work?

UPCTU members will have access to an exclusive member’s area that will contain step-by-step instructions with how-to videos. There will also be ongoing email support as well as 1-on-1 support whenever you need extra help.

Q: The Members Area includes 1-on-1 support. Is that correct?

Yes! UPCTU includes 1 on 1 support when you need it. I’m also happy to create you a brand new video to help fix your particular issue. Nice huh!

Q: What will the Members Area do for me?

Primarily two things. Firstly – you will be able to learn how to fix any PC from start to fully optimized. And secondly – you will UNDERSTAND better how your computer works (which incidentally most people do not).

Q: Who are the PC tools, tips, tweaks, software & videos from?

Stewart J Robinson has developed the entire members area and found and tested all of the available tools, tips, tweaks and videos in UPCTU. Stewart J Robinson has been working with and fixing computers for over 13 years.

Q: What is the difference between the UPCTU and other basic PC tune up utilities?

Both offer ways to tune up your PC. However – UPCTU has the entire process streamlined so that anyone can do it themselves easily and whenever they want on as many PC’s as they want (using tried and tested 100% FREE tools). The UPCTU allows you to work at your own pace. Therefore if TIME is an issue and you want to get started FASTER – then UPCTU may be for you. UPCTU also comes with 45+ PC tools AND 1 on 1 support.

Q: Can I pay using a credit or debit card?

YES! All payments are processed securely using 256-bit encryption via our Business verified PayPal account – No PayPal account, no problem, pay using almost any type of credit or debit card globally.

You can use any of the following options via PayPal:

  • PayPal Balance.
  • Instant transfer from your bank account (if eligible)
  • PayPal Credit.
  • PayPal Cards (PayPal Extras Card or PayPal Smart Connect)
  • Debit card
  • Credit card



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