How To Make A Laptop Faster!

how to make a laptop faster

Welcome, you are in the right place for learning easy, effective steps on how to make a laptop faster again, and do it the right way (PLUS it’s easier than you might think)…

Yes there are wrong ways to do it, believe it or not – And some methods will last longer than others.

If your laptop is getting slower and slower and slower, don’t worry, you’re not alone and it’s most likely NOT your fault…

In fact, it’s well known that ALL laptop and desktop Windows systems slow down significantly, and this can actually start happening even after just 3-6 months from being brand new (depending on your set-up, how much time you spend online, etc), and it baffles many people…

How To Make A Laptop Faster (effectively)

Over 10 years ago I set out to determine why PC’s slow down in the first place (after I’d experienced every PC problem you can imagine, even the blue screen of death – otherwise known as crashing), and how to make a laptop faster or a desktop faster again…

And keep it faster permanently, to fix this highly annoying and time wasting process once and for all (not to mention eliminate all the frustration that comes with it when things are constantly slowing, hanging, freezing and/or crashing).

So without taking up any more of your time, as I’m sure you’re more than ready to get started fixing and optimizing your laptop right away. The exact answers are all laid out for you, in an easy-to-follow video series, and it’s 100% free today.

It’s my gift to say thanks for visiting my site today (plus I get a real kick out of helping others with this huge issue)…

And by the way, it has nothing to do with Registry Cleaners (I also discovered their dirty little secret).

How To Make A Laptop Faster (Easy Steps)

Just follow my simple steps below to effectively learn how to make a laptop faster, and your Windows system will be running super-fast once again, in just a few minutes from now:

  1. First, Join Free and create your Ultimate PC Tune-Up FREE Lifetime membership (that means 100% free – no credit card needed).
  2. Complete the easy one-step Register/Login form to get instant-access to your 6 Faster PC video steps (text versions and tune-up software are also included free). You’ll also get a free subscription to my newly discovered PC tools, tips, tweaks and more newsletter.
  3. Take a few minutes to complete each Faster PC step in turn to learn exactly how to make a laptop faster (or ANY PC for that matter – old or new).
  4. Skype or email me if you need help or got the results you needed (like it has for so many others)!

That’s it, enjoy!

Reference Microsoft support: Ways to improve your computers performance


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  1. Nice !

    Some helpful tweaks that made my PC start working almost immediately after hanging all the time, will continue checking out the rest, thanks for free info that does work well !

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