Website Services

Get Effective, Unlimited, Low Cost Traffic Anytime

Great for testing and/or increasing visitors, sales and revenue. This additional service (at an extra cost) is a great resource that I have personally used for several years, to send as much traffic as you want to any site (depending on your budget), almost immediately. It’s great for testing new site functionality; lead capture, email follow-up, shopping cart, checkout system, forum, live chat, support system, etc.

Affordable Web Design & Development

Low cost and fast turn-around. Have your modern, professional online presence up with-in days.  I’ll use your exact ideas and offer suggestions while creating what you want. Any changes, additions, just ask. Logo and branding services available too.

Specializing in Everything WordPress

I’ve been working with WordPress everyday for over 12+ years. There are thousands of valuable FREE plugins ready for you to use. Tell me what you need/want to achieve and I’ll find the right plugins for you, including testing, customizing, checking compatibility and more.

FREE Responsive Bootstrap Themes

Responsive Bootstrap themes automatically fit any size screen/device, great for mobile phone and pad users. Thousands of FREE premium themes available as well as PAID versions with built-in features like shopping carts, product management, etc.

SSL, Hosting, Domains, Email Accounts

If you need the whole package or just help with one component, no problem, I can do it all (website, hosting, domain name, SSL Certificate, Email Accounts, etc) or just one. Simply let me know what you need and I’ll get it done.

Site Speed Optimization + Security

Years of testing optimization and security plugins and settings allows me to set up your site correctly from the start, giving your visitors fast page load times, as well as buying confidence by securing their details and on-site purchases (via an SSL certificate for your domain).

Shopping Carts, Credit Cards, PayPal

Sell memberships, paid for content, digital and physical products as well as all types of services, right from your website – Upsell to customers during/after checkout just like the big companies do. Accept credit/debit cards from all over the world, PayPal, Amazon, Bitcoin and more. I’ll set it all up for you with full access to everything.

Live Chat, Support, Discussion Forums

Integrated forums, live chat and support systems effectively retain and inspire confidence in new visitors and buyers, while prompting existing members and customers to return again and again. Free and paid versions are available.

Lead Capture, Email Follow-Up & More

Offer newsletters, new product updates, something for free in exchange for an email (or more details) to stay in contact, build relationships, offer free content, bring visitors back to your site, promote various offers and increase overall sales/revenue. Do this via splash/lead capture pages, email pop-up forms, email form in columns, top and bottom of pages, etc.

Get Full Admin Access To Your Site

Many companies will hold your domain name and site ransom, charging you high ongoing fees (forever) to make any changes/additions. I can set you up with full admin access so you are always in control and free to make any/all changes to your site as and when needed – With my help/support if you need it.

I do everything myself and will work one-on-one with you to create exactly what you want and more.

Typically I will save you on cost, not just initially, but long term too (hosting, domain name renewal, plugins, additional work and/or ongoing maintenance, etc), get things up and running faster and my attention to detail will far out way what most, if not all companies will do for you.

Please use the Contact page to ask me any questions regarding Website Services.