Windows 7 Running Slow – How To Fix

Is your Windows 7 running slow and causing you to spend more time waiting, then waiting some more, rather than actually getting anything done (been there done that), don’t worry, it can EASILY be fixed (I’ll show you how to fix Windows 7 running slow for free, and make it permanent).

Windows 7 Running slow

Why Is Your Windows 7 Running Slow?

Since the beginning of Windows (you may remember Windows 95, 98, 2k, way back when – I actually started with Windows 98, being my first desktop), probably, we’ve all had slow Windows issues on and off (maybe more on than off for most of us).

These slowing trends are related to many different issues, from system set-up (what’s turned on or off), to the amount and type of RAM (define RAM and what does RAM do), to the software you install, to the anti-virus/anti-malware programs… and the list seemingly goes on forever.

The conclusion… Windows 7 running slow seems to be the default running mode, almost by design, regardless!

When I say by design, yes I am implying it’s that way on purpose. Otherwise why would every Windows user experience some level of slowing, hanging, freezing, and/or crashing, within 3-6 months of buying a brand new PC (laptop or desktop)??

Think about it!

Windows 7 Running Slow Again…

Could Microsoft have designed it this way, to enable all of there Microsoft certified technicians around the world (paying MS large amounts of money to get certified, and it’s ongoing), so they can then guarantee business for all of those technicians, to charge all of us with our Windows 7 running slower and slower and slower (as well as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8 and now Windows 10) ??

By the way, anyone that told me they brought their computer to a technician to fix it, ALWAYS has brought it back again sometime later, for the same or very similar problem! So was it actually fixed in the first place? And will be it fixed the second, third or fourth visit??

Windows 7 Running Slow By Design!

This not only seems very possible (designing Windows to get slower and slower), but it seems almost obvious to me after many years of helping everyone I know (and their friends and family) fix their PC because of their Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8 or Windows 7 running slow, hanging, freezing, crashing, not loading, full of viruses and malware, not shutting-down, not responding, missing or corrupt drivers and files, and on and on and on!

In fact many experts in the industry agree that this is all done by design. Anyone can research this and come to the same conclusion.

Windows 7 Running Slow – Is There A Better Version?

Some versions of Windows are better than others, for example, Vista is known to have more slow issues than others. I personally like Windows 7 and still use it today, although Windows 10 could be the most stable, secure and advanced version so far? Only time will tell.

Reference 10 Reasons Why Windows 10 is the Best Version of Windows in Years

How To Fix Windows 7 Running Slow (or any version of Windows)

How to fix Windows 7 running slow in a few easy steps (takes just a few minutes to do) – My easy-to-follow video series reveals how! (for beginners and advanced users – works for any PC, desktop or laptop)

Should I buy a registry cleaner to fix/repair my Windows 7 running slow? Do registry cleaners work? The answer may shock you!

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